Our Company

Your responsibility, our concern.

Trigana is a company distinguished by many years of experience in environmental legislation, the development of concepts for the collection and processing of various types of waste and complying with the obligations of extended producer responsibility.

One team. A lot of knowledge.

Together with our external contractors, we have had a strong and dedicated team since 2010 and an increasing number of satisfied customers, from small companies to large multinationals.

Thanks to the presence of our customers in global markets, online sales and our knowledge of the law abroad, we are also successfully conquering the international market.

Since 2016, we have been providing services in other EU countries as an authorized representative, and in 2018 we established a branch in Croatia, from where we cover the entire Western Balkans region.

The search for new challenges has brought us to Southeast Asia, where we work with the European Chamber of Commerce, local businesses and NGOs to transfer knowledge and sustainable development of waste management.


Our team

Uroš Černuta
00 386 (0)41 365 874
: Uroš Černuta
Matej Hribar
00 386 (0)40 237 267
: Matej Hribar
Vanja Maurer
Environmental Compliance Manager vanja.maurer@trigana.si
00 386 (0)31 218 655
: Vanja Maurer
Helena Matić Hribar
Supply Chain Manager helena.matic@trigana.si
00 386 (0)41 753 396
: Helena Hribar Matič